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No New Posts Survival Handbook

Rules, news, updates, and plot information can be found here.

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2 2 Site Rules - 3/16/11
by Aria Nicole Echoe
Apr 13, 2010 17:03:11 GMT -8
No New Posts Enrollment Files

Apply to camp here and wait patiently for a staff member to review your application.

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by enapdracmiga
Dec 16, 2019 18:43:50 GMT -8
No New Posts Character Maps

Relationships, mini-plotting, camper journals, and all that jazz.

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by enapdracmiga
Dec 16, 2019 18:40:40 GMT -8

Camp Half-Blood

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No New Posts Half-Blood Hill

Upon a steep hill sits a tall, magical pine tree: Thalia's Tree. The tree protects the property line from monsters who would otherwise want to enter the camp but now cannot because of the tree's strong defense. The tree itself is guarded by a large dragon. Careful. He bites. Half-Blood Hill is the entrance to Camp Half-Blood.

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No New Posts The Big House

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood. This large blue administrative building is where staff members including all cabin leaders have their meetings. All new campers go here to see the orientation film. There are four floors which house a basement, attic, Chiron's apartment, and an infirmary for the injured.

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No New Posts Stables

Many various mythical creatures ranging from large fire breathing animals to small birds are housed here in the stables. The Pegasi as well, offspring of the great winged horse Pegasus, are cared for here and very popular among the students. Careful, they go crazy for sugar cubes.

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No New Posts Strawberry Fields

Fresh produce are the main source of income to support Camp Half-Blood. The Strawberry fields are tenderly cared for by forest dwellers as well as Demeter and Dionysus' children in particular. They are the best strawberries you will ever taste.

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No New Posts Armory

Inside the armory, leather body armor lines the walls, damaged weapons litter the floor. Campers can come and choose their battle-ready weapons and armor from the armory as long as they return what was borrowed when they are finished.

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No New Posts Arena

Sword fighting practice is hosted in the arena. Learn how to fight and more importantly, learn how to defend yourself in the arena.

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No New Posts Archery Range

Favored by children of Apollo, the archery range is a hot spot for range weapon shooting. Practice your aim on dummy and bullseye targets (as long as the dummy is not your fellow classmate).

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No New Posts Volleyball Courts

Ace! Serve it up on one of the many beautiful sand volleyball courts at Camp Half-Blood. A favorite game for any camper.

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No New Posts Arts And Crafts Room

A room dedicated solely for creative inspiration. The room is filled with any craft piece your heart desires. Well isn't that... crafty!

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No New Posts Cabins

Here, students house in cabins sorted by their respective God/Goddess parent. Originally there were 12 cabins, one for each of the 12 Olympian Gods, but after Percy Jackson was honored as a hero, he requested that Hades and many minor Gods receive proper recognition with a cabin of their own.

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by enapdracmiga
Dec 16, 2019 18:31:19 GMT -8
No New Posts Mess Hall

Feast upon wondrous meals in this outdoor dining pavilion. Every night at dinner, the best food is offered to the Gods in the central offerings fire as a sign of loyalty and thanks.

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No New Posts Lake

Upon venturing down to the lake, you may so happen to spot Naiads weaving baskets underwater or perhaps the mysterious sea serpent that lurks below. No-- this lake does not have a giant squid.

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No New Posts Forest

Thick trees act as not only a hideaway for magical creatures, but also a border for Camp Half-Blood. The forest is a very popular place to play the camp's favorite game: capture the flag. The creek in the middle divides the boundaries of the game. Watch out, capture the flag is not so ordinary at this camp.

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No New Posts The Forge

A metal shop where mostly Hephaestus' children spend their time crafting metal pieces ranging from weapons to artwork.

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No New Posts Amphitheater

An assembly gathering for all the students, the grand amphitheater hosts announcements, sports, and other such massive events.

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No New Posts Climbing Wall

Do you have what it takes to rock climb? Maybe so, but do you have what it takes to rock climb while boulders and hot spouts of lava are coming right at you? First timers on the wall are expected to get burned. Bring the right gear, pray you do not lose your hair, or any limbs for that matter.

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No New Posts Fireworks Beach

A good hang out place for those who love the beach. The sand is soft and never gets too hot. Harpies constantly parol these parts at night, to watch out for any campers who have snuck out late to get a refreshing walk in the sand. With mean harpies coming after you, is it really worth the risk?

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Outside of Camp

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No New Posts Mount Olympus

Residence of the divine twelve gods and goddesses of Greece. There is a palace on the summit of the mountain, a great gate, and grand halls. The great Cyclops were the original builders of this massive palace which is now located at the top of the Empire State Building.

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No New Posts Underworld

Dead souls travel to hell to be judged for their previous life. Charon, the reaper of souls, takes the dead across the River Styx to the shore where Cerberus, a three-headed dog guards the entrance gate. Once souls past Cerberus, they cannot leave.

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No New Posts Mythomagic

A popular demigod card game featuring famous Greek heroes, villains, and all in between. Play to win cards, cabin points; shop at the store to purchase rare decks; and compete in tournaments.

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by enapdracmiga
Dec 16, 2019 18:37:32 GMT -8
No New Posts Capture the Flag

Red versus blue in a battle of weapons and sheer luck. Held every first friday of the month and sometimes on special dates. Any newbies who need help playing, feel free to ask questions in the Cbox or PM any staff member. Team listings are posted before every game.

Current Champions: BLUE TEAM

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by irhydcaycomma
Aug 28, 2019 5:20:10 GMT -8
No New Posts Chariot Racing

A race fit for the gods. Held every few months or so.

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by enapdracmiga
Dec 16, 2019 18:53:35 GMT -8

Out of Character

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No New Posts The Loft

Games, discussions, gossip, art, fanfictions, debates, whatever you want that is not role playing, goes here.

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by enapdracmiga
Dec 16, 2019 18:18:35 GMT -8
No New Posts Site Discussions

Any site-related discussions such as suggestions, polls, etcetera are placed here.

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by enapdracmiga
Dec 16, 2019 18:50:09 GMT -8
No New Posts Advertisements/ Affiliates

Guests and members may post their website advertisements and affiliates here. Please abide by the rules.

690 1,034 The Wild Side, An Original Warrior Roleplay
by Bernie
Apr 11, 2021 8:49:48 GMT -8
No New Posts Graveyard

Past threads are archived here to be forever rested in peace. The password to look back through is: grave.

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